Fall Cleaning

Since my parents are coming down for Thanksgiving, I took the opportunity to do some cleaning before they get here. And I mean serious cleaning. Today we worked mostly on the kitchen and bedroom. And we really cleaned the bedroom. We actually mopped UNDER the bed. We went through our dressers and purged a few items. I basically dusted the room from top to bottom.

I sneezed all day. It was bad.

So now we are going to reward ourselves and use some gift certificates for Outback. Yum.

Here are some "after" shots. Sadly, I didn't have any "before" or even better, the "during" shots when it was vaguely reminiscent of a hurricane or tornado.

Look, all the drawers are closed, with nothing hanging out or stacked on top!

Jeff is ready to clean!

No clutter or books in sight!

Not a single dust bunny to be found.


Megan said…
So can you come over and do mine next? Please??
Anonymous said…
Be-Be guns work great for dust bunnies.


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