I'm back home after my first round of interviews. Thankfully, these were fairly low-key. I actually didn't feel like I was even asked that many questions. Most of the time the interviewers were just talking about different aspects of the program. So I liked both of these programs, and especially enjoyed Greenwood. This program was one I already knew I was interested in. Anderson was also nice, and also a good program. I think what I most enjoyed about Greenwood was that I got to meet a lot of the residents and I really felt like Jeff and I would fit in well with everyone.

And let me tell you....programs like to feed you. lots. So after the first day I realized that if I don't want to gain about 15 pounds, I need to just order salad. Because there's always dinner the night before, then lunch during the interview day, all at good restaurants. And it seems that dessert is often involved. Not that I'm complaining, I do like dessert after all.

I know that wherever Jeff and I go will be because the Lord called us there. One neat thing that happened at Greenwood was during an interview. I was talking with an attending who is also a strong believer. During the interview, he called the local PCA pastor, (he attends the PCA church), to ask him about job possibilities. Jeff has also talked to this pastor in the past and not found much of anything. But during the interview, he calls the pastor to ask about job openings. And the amazing thing....the church just found out their part time youth person has to leave this summer. And so they just decided to start looking for a full time assistant pastor. I know some of the responsibilities will involve youth work, but it sounded like it would also involve other things, as well. It just felt like God was working on something. And all of this is during the interview! At the end of the interview, the doctor prayed with me. Wow. So that just made it seem like an even better place.

At some point, I shouldn't be so surprised at how God works. But I still am.


Anonymous said…
This is way cool! God will lead and it will be fun to see the process.

I love your blogs even though I don't comment on many.
Connie Ekberg

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