Some things.

1. We have continued with our potty training. It's going surprisingly well. I'm sure we'll hit some hiccups, but he put both pee and poo in the potty today without prompting from daddy, and I was at work. I think tomorrow I may try him in underwear and leave the house.

2. I am currently in the middle of an accidental experiment to see if I'm still allergic to poison ivy. The answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

3. I was trying to suck it up and just use OTC hydrocortisone, but being miserable I decided to try some steroid pills. I had my first dose yesterday, spent all day feeling crappy, and then spent all night rolling over and staring at the clock as the hours between getting into bed and needing to get up to leave for work (out of the house by 6) slowly wasted away. I opted to skip today's dose. Maybe tomorrow I'll be up for it.

4. Job hunts suck. It has been a long journey and it feels like we're not getting any closer. I am trying not to get discouraged, but I do not understand why it is taking such a long time. My husband is an awesome pastor and will be a blessing to whoever hires him. I'm just feeling really ready to know who that is going to be.


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