Birthday party photos

A few more photo highlights.

Although part of me wanted to plan a big birthday bash with lots of elaborate decorations, games, and craftiness, I had decided last year that a small family party would be enough for this year. Then when I decided to do the bridge run, I knew I couldn't do anything complicated.
I did sort of have a train theme to our party, since I told both sets of grandparents that he would enjoy some wooden train sets and I knew that we were also getting him some train-related items. I re-used the buntings I made last year and got some balloons. I was actually completely worn out after the race, so Elise did most of the decorating. She could have a second career doing party planning if she ever wanted.


 Judah really got into the whole unwrapping of presents this time around.

 The trains were, as expected, immediately a big hit. They have continued to be a big hit since getting home. With everyone in the house.
Some of Jeff's cousins who had never met Judah got to come for the party along with my parents. We made ice cream and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. As much as I love baking, I actually ended up buying cupcakes from a local cupcake store that were FANTASTIC because that seemed easier than baking them when I knew I'd be tired after the run.

Although I do love the crafting and creativity of a bigger party, I really enjoyed our low key evening. At this age, Judah gets overwhelmed easily and I think he enjoyed the smaller crowd as well. I have a strong feeling he's going to end up introverted like his Daddy, so family parties may end up being more of what we do. We'll see. What I do know is that I'm very glad we finally have some wooden trains for my sweet, train-and-engine obsessed boy to play with. Now we just have to work on helping him be a little less bossy when it comes to train play....


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