a mini vacation

Thursday evening and Friday ended up being a bit of a mini vacation for me. I've decided that even if I don't have exciting plans, just being away from home can be a treat. There is no laundry to do. I do not feel guilty sitting on the couch because there are no crafty projects calling to me from the sewing room or dirty dishes I feel the need to put away.

Thursday, I put Judah to bed a bit early since he had a very bad nap in the car. Austin and Elise had Bible study, so I had the whole house to myself. I ate some delicious pasta salad while I watched the movie True Grit. Speaking of True Grit - have you seen this movie?? I didn't think I was a big fan of westerns, and when I saw the previews for this it didn't catch my attention. Then I read several good reviews, including a review from World Magazine. Jeff and I never seem to make it to the theater, so I missed my chance. But this movie is incredible. The fast talking, precocious main character is well written and acted, and Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges both were at times hilariously funny and charming yet tough cowboys who are trying to help her. I loved it. Now I want to read the book and maybe check out the original version.

Friday involved a very early two-year-old alarm clock, a trip to a consignment store (where I scored three wooden puzzles for 11.00!), and then a Super Target. Lunch was courtesy of Jack's Cosmic Dogs -a somewhat famous Mount Pleasant hot dog stand that I never managed to get to while I lived in Charleston. Who knew that blue cheese cole slaw and sweet potato mustard would be so delicious on a hot dog? Friday night we watched another movie (a trip to the library on Thursday gave me a chance to get get some recent releases for free). This time it was Avatar. I briefly considered seeing Avatar in the theater when it came out, but again, since Jeff and I see a move in the theater maybe once a year, this was not one we got to. I knew there was a big to-do about the graphics and that everyone seemed to love it. Granted, I didn't pay the closest attention to it, but I thought it was completely stupid, too long, and cheesy. A combination of pocohontas and star wars maybe.

All in all it was a wonderful few days of relaxation before the excitement of race day and a birthday party!


Elise said…
Laugh out loud about Avatar, and I totally agree. We had fun with you guys while you were here! The house seemed very empty when you left.

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