The battle.

The first several years we lived in our house, our yard was sort of neglected. Now Jeff was very diligent about mowing and edging, but we didn't do much else. Finally last summer we realized that if we were going to move sometime soon, we needed to make it look more presentable. First we added some flower beds along both sides of our house and planted some things. Honestly, I actually thought everything we planted died over the winter because it all looked awful. There were four hydrangea bushes, four rose bushes and a rose of sharon. This spring, I was pleasantly surprised when everything started to grow. (Except for one rose bush, but we bought it as a root ball for less than $2, so I can't really complain.) I feel like we are finally starting to make progress.

The yard itself was another story, though. It was green, yes, but full of tons and tons of dandelions and other weeds. I'd look at other yards, full of pristine grass and wonder how they got to look so nice. Apparently putting a little elbow grease into your yard and keeping it weed-free is the answer. So now Jeff and I have begun what I like to call the battle of the dandelions. Armed with a simple, two-pronged tool, we are waging war and exterminating all the dandelions. Since the dandelions, they are legion, this is taking some time. But nearly every day, Judah and I (Jeff does this, too) head outside where we plays and I pop those bad boys out of the ground. This photo, although maybe it's hard to see, shows the carnage of hundreds of dandelion carcasses.

The best part? It's really making a difference. Our yard is looking tons better than it ever has. And I'm finding my love for yard work, which I'm not sure I knew I had. It also makes me dream of landscaping projects and looking for new ideas on pinterest. (I'm not certain Jeff sees this as a positive.) I'd say for the front yard, victory is in sight and the war should be over soon. For the back yard, battle lines are still drawn, but I'm certain we will be victorious there as well.

And hopefully I can post some more photos of the after effects soon. I never took any before photos, but everyone can be amazed at how nice the yard is looking. As I was sitting in the hot sun for many hours pulling weeds, I told Jeff I was certain there was a sermon illustration in this somewhere. But I'll leave it up to him to find it.....


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