And so it begins

We are 90% finished with day one of potty training. I took my SIL's advice and went with the "don't go anywhere and stay naked all day" approach. It went about as well as I could expect. We had lots of small leaks on the floor, but they were all stopped and finished on the potty. Just before dinner, he even came up to me, said "pee" and then got on the potty and peed. He can stop going when he realizes he is starting in the wrong place, but he can't always figure out how to start back up once sitting on the potty. I still used a diaper during nap and will use one overnight, at least until I run out of the ones I have, then maybe we'll switch to pull ups. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Thankfully, I'm not working until Friday, so we have a few days to get it right. Any favorite tips out there?


Melanie said…
If my experience is trustworthy, then you're right on track and you're both doing great! If he's already able to stop mid-stream and run to the potty, I'd bet you'll be able to trust him out of the house by Wednesday or Thursday - just be sure to take him often while you're out. Nice work!

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