Favorite sayings from the weekend

Another Judah vocabulary update.

"ips" = chips
"emmyem" = M&Ms
"Au-en" = uncle Austin
"We-Wese" = Aunt Elise (This is totally my favorite. I'm going to call Elise this from now on.)
"nen-it" = open it
"ju-ju" = choo-choo
"pain" = plane
"meatmeal" = oatmeal
"mapmen" = napkin
"yesss" = yes, said in response to my saying "yes" back to him after he said "mama" about 12 times in a row
"what" = what - as above. Sometimes when he says my name over and over I'll say "what" to him and then he'll say it back to me. It's a fun game.


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