Potty Training, day two

Not that anyone cares....

Our day started out, shall we say, less than stellar. Judah usually only has one, ahem, dirty diaper/day, and we started potty training yesterday after he'd already had it. Apparently in all my stressing to him that "pee goes in the potty" he didn't quite understand that other things should go in the potty as well. So we had a little accident after breakfast where the poo didn't make it to the potty. What fell on the floor was then promptly eaten by the dog. Who is now no longer allowed to lick me.

I had an errand I had to run this morning and Jeff was at a meeting, so I tried to put Judah in underwear and bring him even though I was pretty sure that wouldn't work well. We weren't even loaded into the car before he had an accident, which was really frustrating for me because I'd been trying to get him to pee before getting him dressed to no avail.

After our errand, it was back to naked time and we had several successful trips to the potty and no more accidents. Jeff had the brilliant idea to show Judah the M&Ms he could earn for a successful deposit which seemed to increase his motivation.

Thankfully, tomorrow and thursday we'll be able to stay at home so I'm hoping we'll continue to make progress.


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