If you let Aubrey pick fresh strawberries...

If you let Aubrey pick fresh strawberries, she will pick too many.
When she picks too many, she will decide to make jam so they don't go to waste.
After she makes the jam, she will suddenly get hungry for something delicious to put her jam on.
Because she is hungry for something to put her jam on, she will look at bread recipes.

When she looks at bread recipes, she won't be able to pick just one recipe. She will pick two.

When she picks two recipes, she will make two different types of bread.
After she makes two types of bread, she will realize the kitchen is a disaster.

When she realizes the kitchen is a disaster, she will also remember that she has to cook dinner.

So she will cook dinner, clean the kitchen, and then enjoy her jam on two different types of bread.

Because she baked, cooked, cleaned, and ate (while caring for her two-year-old), she will put him to bed and collapse in exhaustion on the couch.


Sue Tell said…
You are so creative. Or else a good copier.

Wish I was there to share your jam ... or better yet to play with Judah and put him to bed for you. :)
Elise said…
I loved those books when I was little. Delicious looking and I'm sure delicious tasting creations you've made SIL.

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