My NPR nerd-dom continues.

A few weeks ago, Gretchen mentioned in a post that NPR was collecting pictures of babies in the classic blue and pink striped blankets that most hospitals use.

Since I love NPR, I immediately cruised over to the website and uploaded a couple pics of sweet baby Judah wrapped in his.

Apparently, they received over 2,000 photos, but Judah and I made the website!! Check us out - we're the second from the right on the top row.

Edited to add: The photos do not appear in the same arrangement each time. I guess each time you load the page they are in different places, and some different ones appear. But if you don't see me (I'm kissing Judah's head and wearing glasses), reload the page a time or two and hopefully you can find me!


I saw you! I teared up when I read your sweet paragraph about wrapping babies and finally getting to wrap your own sweet Judah. I'm so glad you sent in a photo. It made my day to read this update! :D

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