Doing a little light reading.

Well, we get our babies started on the theological reading early around here.

And reformed theology, no less.

Next up? Calvin's Institutes, perhaps?


Christy said…
Connor couldn't disagree more with Calvinism. We should get Judah and Connor together to debate it.

By the way, Connor so read that book when he was a mere two months so our kid is way smarter than yours.
Sue Tell said…
Once again you make me smile.

Although I was expecting your latest and greatest reads ... I had thoughts of copying!
Aubrey said…
Christy -
Hah!! A debate between our two would be funny. I mean, Judah can point and grunt and say "doggy." It would make for an interesting conversation. :) Although he does grunt with very convincing tone of voice when he is upset with something. (Like that mean, mean table that bonked his head. On purpose!)

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