I got what I wanted.

I had a really slow call day on Sunday. In fact, I spent most of the afternoon hanging out in the resident lounge, afraid to go home, because sometimes it feels like as soon as I get home, that's when the pager goes off. Anyway... one of the interns was also having a slow call day, and we had a nice time chatting. I feel like I still do not know the interns well at all, and this intern is also my neighbor, so it was a good chance to find out more about him and his wife. Our conversation was fairly wide-ranging and at one point he asked me if Jeff and I had made any big purchases after graduating, like a "now that I'm making the big bucks" kind of purchase of something we had really been wanting for a while.

I thought for a minute.
"No, we didn't make any big purchases."

I continued to think to myself, though, even after he moved on to talking about other things. What I wanted to say and almost said was that what I spent most of residency wanting was a baby.

And praise the Lord, we brought him home last March. No big purchases needed.


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