A Judah update...

Even though I am a slack mom who hasn't yet scheduled Judah's 15-month well child check (and he's now 16 months old), I thought I'd give a little update about what our little man has been up to.

Just under a month ago (I think - weeks run together) Judah was completely weaned. I was a little sad, but honestly, at that point mostly I just felt ready. He had started drinking milk a little more reliably, and we were down to nursing only once a day. It wasn't even difficult. I just started giving him milk in the morning instead of nursing. He didn't even seem to miss it - only once did it seem like he wanted to nurse after that, and when I told him we were going to drink milk from a cup instead, he seemed completely satisfied. Now maybe Jeff and I can plan a little weekend trip away somewhere without him....

His favorite things right now are cars, trucks, tractors, planes, and anything else with an engine. He loves picking up his toy cars and pushing them around while making car noises. He often points to cars and trucks that drive by and makes his "vroom-vroom" sound. Adorable.

He still isn't saying too much, although he continues to communicate fairly well through a combination of signing, pointing, and grunting. Last week I decided that in addition to "mama," which he says frequently, and "dada," which he says only occasionally, he also now says "doggy," which comes out sounding much more like "diggy" or "gigi."  I occasionally get it in my head that because he is talking less than some other kids his age, I should be worried. And sometimes I do. But I have to keep telling myself that he is not anyone else. He is Judah, and he is going at his own pace, and he is doing just fine.

Speaking of dogs, he also loves them. At the beach last week we had all four of our family's dogs with us, and he loved chasing, patting, and hugging them. Animals in general also seem to be a big interest for him. We went to an aquarium one day last week and he was enthralled by the fish, turtles, and birds. Once it cools down a little, I'm excited to try out the zoo.

Even though he doesn't talk a lot, he obviously understands a lot. He can point fairly consistently at 4 or 5 body parts and often can point to specific animals in a book when I ask him to. Every day now, almost as soon as he gets up, he is pointing to our little iPod dock because he wants us to play music for him. So we do. As soon as he hears the melody start, he nods his head along. Cracks me up every time.

I don't know his current weight, but I do know that he is definitely growing. I bought some shoes for him at the beginning of the summer that fit well and even had room to grow, but now his big toe is nearly busting out. Some of the smaller-sized 18 month clothing doesn't fit anymore.

He also loves his Nana. At the beach last week, whenever he would see Nana, he would get a big smile on his face and run to her and grab her legs.

The beach was also a huge hit with Judah. He loved digging in the sand, trying to eat sea shells and wading in the water. Our beach house was on the bay side of Edisto Island, and so the waves were very small, and it stayed fairly shallow for a long way out. It was perfect for our little man. I was surprised by how fearless he was in the ocean; he loved being held by Jeff and me and pushed around in the water. He often pointed like he wanted to get out in the deeper water.

In other news, I think I finally finished making Judah's baby book - a shutterfly photo book that is 83 (!) pages long. There were so many good pictures I had a hard time editing. My favorite page (well, one of my favorite) is the last page where I did a collage of 15 pictures, arranged chronologically, of him over his first year, showing how he grew. (Thanks to Christy for that idea.) I think I'm going to see if I can just print a single page that replicates it and frame it.


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