A few things.

1. Yesterday, I set a new personal record for most discharges in one day with 12. I feel like most of my readers are non-medical, but trust me when I say that 12 is a lot. I got another 6 today. Woohoo.

2. Speaking of discharges, I am much less likely to believe your sob story about how bad you are hurting if I already spotted you laughing and happy and buying your own breakfast in the hospital cafeteria before I made rounds. Even though you might try to lie in bed, looking pitiful, I will discharge you anyway because I know your secret.

3. Judah has suddenly become a sort of bad napper. I am not sure what is going on, but the last couple of weeks we are having a hard time getting him to sleep well. Any advice would be appreciated.

4. It is really, really, really hot and humid in SC right now. Some days I feel like any recollection of why I live here has been permanently burned out of my brain. I am definitely ready for fall...

5. If anyone needs a great and very affordable photographer in the Charleston or Savannah area, please check out Sarah Ayers. She came down to the beach house last week and took lots of fabulous pictures of our family. For a peak at what she took, you can click on the "clients" link in the upper right hand corner, and then click on "Rampey Family." The pictures of Judah are somewhat limited given that he was in pretty much total meltdown by the time we were taking the pictures, but somehow she still managed to snap some fantastic ones. And the really cute blue-eyed kid on her front page? Yeah, that's my nephew Ian.


Anonymous said…
Oh the napping...is he still taking 2 naps?? The boys dropped their morning nap around 15 months and that helped our sleeping issues a ton! Hope that helps!
Jen Clary :)
Sarah said…
I agree with Jen if he is still taking 2 naps. It is difficult sometimes to get Kinsey to wait till 12:30 or 1 for her nap, but over time her afternoon nap has become longer and longer. When I cut her down to one nap I made sure to keep her in her crib for the full 2 hours regardless of how much she woke up or cried. Now she sleeps at least 2 hrs 15 minutes for the afternoon nap and sometimes as much as 3, without any protesting. Otherwise, if you are already at just one nap then I'd say just give it a week because it's probably just teething or some other phase. Kinsey sometimes will not nap well for a few days or a week then she'll go back to normal. Keep us posted!
Aubrey said…
Yeah, so some days we still take two naps. The problem is that some days he gets super fussy around 9:30 or 10, and sometimes goes right to sleep. Occasionally he will sleep for 1.5 or 2 hours. And then he might or might not get fussy in the afternoon and need another nap. But most days he does still need an afternoon nap also. I would prefer him to nap in the afternoon. But for the last few days and some of the days we were on vacation, he would only take a very short nap in the morning, and then another very short nap (30 min or less) in the afternoon. When this happens, he is obviously still tired and super fussy all day. Even when the naps are short, I can tell he is still tired and I try to leave him in the crib, but he will just cry and cry and cry. Maybe I just need to be more strict about just letting him cry. I don't know. I do try to keep him up until 11 or 11:30 and do just one nap, but honestly by then he is super fussy and sometimes over tired. Hopefully we can soon make the adjustment to one nap a day. Thanks for the tips!!

And jen, if you are still reading this, I would love to get your email address - you can email me at aubreytell at yahoo dot com.
Elsa Meyer said…
The whole napping situation does not get any easier at 2 years old. Hendrik has decided he does not want to nap anymore and for the last month or so there is not much we can do about it. He stays in his room for 2 hours but he is bouncing off the walls the whole time. Then as soon as the time is up he gets super crabby for the rest of the day. Finally at night time he is so exhausted that we have hope he will fall asleep easily. We are very silly parents because that never happens. It still takes about 1.5 hours for him to pass out. I am just praying that this is a 2 year old phase and it will pass before the next baby comes. I guess it is the joy of having children.

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