Everything's better with Nutella.

As much as I love peanut butter, if I get a choice between that and nutella, I'll pick nutella every day. I mean, nutty goodness PLUS chocolate?? Yes, please.

Anyway... I recently realized that if a dessert calls for peanut butter, substituting nutella pretty much always equals extra deliciousness.

For instance: Especially in the summer, I love to make chocolate no bake oatmeal cookies. When I have nutella around these days, I now use that instead of the peanut butter for a delicious hazelnut flavor.

And what is better than peanut butter pie? Nutella pie, of course. This is a super easy (and not even that bad for you) recipe and again, just use nutella instead of peanut butter. 

And if that's not enough nutella ideas for you, don't forget Nutella Ice Cream!


Katie said…
You must try the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake on Pioneer Woman (the Tasty Kitchen part of the site). Nutella as the filling and in the frosting. Seriously.

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