The smell of love, part 2.

After more reflection on this post, as well a recent bout of a GI bug at our house, I've had a few more thoughts about the taste and smell of love.

Sometimes, love smells like throw-up. The throw-up that you get on your shirt as you hold your retching, vomiting 10 month old as he gets sick on you for the third time in the space of a few hours, the throw up you clean off sheets, mattress pads, his hair, your hair, and the floor.

Sometimes, it smells the dank, sweaty, and awful smell that only comes from the feet of people with poor circulation or diabetes, feet that I have been called to wash and care for.

What does love smell or taste like to you?


K said…
Just today I read a quote on loving those that are hard to love, even (dare we?) our enemies.
Your thoughts follow that so well. I just might have to write about the smell of love...

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