A Judah Update.

I felt the need for a slightly happier, less serious post up here. Hence a post about my sweet boy.
As much as I love the baby stage, as we're getting closer to the toddler stage he just gets more fun. Today was glorious. After Bible study this morning, we came home, ate lunch and then went out to enjoy the beautiful weather. We went on a long walk to a pond with some geese - Judah was enthralled - and then the playground. It has taken Judah a few times, but I think he's finally coming around to enjoying the swings. He was laughing and giggling the whole time. As you can see, I felt the need to take off his pants. The weather was so nice that I wanted him to enjoy it. And what better way to enjoy the sun than by not wearing pants?

He is also getting more and more communicative. I have been trying to teach him the sign for "all done" that involves just raising his hands. Instead, he will very vigorously flap his arms for all he's worth to tell me he's finished. I have also been using the traditional sign for "more", but he has adapted this as well. Instead of putting his hands together, he will shove the back of his hand into his mouth. Which, when you think about it, is actually more logical. As in "I want to put more stuff in here, ma, so give me that banana."

He also is getting good at giving hugs. He loves to hug onto my legs when I'm working in the kitchen. His current favorite game, which has replaced "door," is one we call "Lucy." This game involves an unwitting dog who just walks being all dog like which Judah takes for her playing with him. He'll laugh hysterically then try to hide in my neck. Then look at the dog as she walks by again and do it all over. It's wonderful.


Sue said…
I can't wait to experience all this in person!
Are you planning a birthday party yet? I remember this time, last year, you were ready to meet him but still had a month to go!

He's so sweet. Toddlers are wonderful, really. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.
Elsa Meyer said…
What is your email address? I wanted to ask you some questions about Charleston. We are thinking of heading there for Spring break and it seems like you know and like the place a lot. :-)

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