One of the worst parts about Jeff not preaching at our church is that I don't get to hear him preach.
Selfish, I know.

Having gone to seminary for a year and heard some of the best preachers in our denomination several times each week at chapel has forever spoiled me for good preaching. (Not to mention the last three years of listening week in and week out to one very, very excellent preacher) I'm a bit of a sermon connoisseur and have a hard time listening to bad preaching. Each week these days I really try to listen and pray that God will speak to me, because I know that he can use anyone and any sermon to speak his truth.

But lately it's been so. much. harder.

I can't wait until he's preaching again.


Annie said…
In the meantime, I think our pastor is great. The MP3s of his sermons are on our church's webpage:
Sue Tell said…
You are such a wonderfully encouraging wife to Jeff!! And a wonderfully encouraging daughter-in-law to us. Dad and I are so thankful for you AND we too are anxious to see how God shows His goodness to you and Jeff is preaching again.

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