9 month...er... 10 month "well" visit

This past week I finally got Judah checked out for his 9 month well visit.

Here are his stats: Weight: 20 lbs., 30th percentile (I really was surprised this wasn't more, but I think if he hadn't had the GI bug and ensuing bad appetite he wouldn't have dropped down quite so much on the growth curve. That plus the fact that he is cruising/crawling everywhere now probably made him drop down some. Not that I'm worried about it - he's certainly eating well and growing.)

Height: 30 in, 86% - still tall like his daddy
Head - 49cm , 99% - yep, still with the big ole' noggin like his mamma

At 10 months, he FINALLY has a tooth. From some research I did during residency, I knew it was normal for kids not to get their first tooth until 11 or 12 months, but when all the other babies his age already have 4 or 6 teeth, I was starting to wonder if we'd need baby dentures or something. His second bottom tooth looks like it's also about to pop through.

He's getting much, much better at babbling. Occasionally, he has said something that sounds like mama, but I am not convinced he was doing it on purpose. As much as I'd like to believe he was. He loves to wave now and I do think I've seen him sign "all done" a few times. Maybe. At his age it's so hard to know if he's actually signing or just flailing his arms around.

His favorite food is definitely cottage cheese. I can't give him any until the end of his meal or he will refuse to eat anything else. For a while, his other favorite food was blueberries, but lately he has been refusing them. Bananas seem more of a hit lately. And anything carbohydrate related, like rice or bread

During this "well" visit, Judah's doctor looked in his right ear, didn't really say anything, then looked in his left, then back in his right. That's when I knew he probably saw something. He is on his first round of antibiotics and thankfully seems to think they taste pretty good as he happily sucks them down twice a day. He actually gets mad at me when I put them away. I figured his waking up and fussing at night was just because of the tooth he was getting. Thankfully, it was probably more due to the infection in his ear. Tylenol and his medicine seem to be clearing the infection right up.

It's hard to believe I'm already starting to think about this first birthday!


Carissa said…
This makes me feel better - Gemma only has 2 teeth and I was starting to wonder about it a bit since every other baby I see has like 6 teeth!

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