A scourge on our house.

We are slowly recovering from a major dose of the cruds around here.

It started with a major case of the puke-up-your-guts bug (which thankfully I mostly missed) and is ending with the head-cold-so-bad-your-teeth-hurt bug (which I definitely did not miss). Somewhere in the middle Judah developed his first ear infection and got his first tooth. If you didn't know, an ear infection plus teething = one very fussy baby.

It's been a week. Thankfully Judah is pretty much back to his exceedingly happy self, and hopefully this awful cold I've got will be going away soon.

In other news, we just got back from a quick overnight trip to Charleston where we had a free stay in a really nice downtown hotel, some good time spent with my brother and his wife, several tasty Charleston meals, and a nice walk along the battery this morning before we left.

Hopefully a sign that better things are coming....


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