Baby update...

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. My doctor, who was at our clinic having a check up for her absolutely adorable baby, graciously offered to check up on me while she there.

I got her to do an ultrasound because I wanted to see if the baby was head down. I was pretty sure the baby was, because I get kicked a lot up by my ribs on the right side. The baby was head down, with the back laying on my left side, which is exactly what I thought when I tried to do Leopold's on myself. It was a treat to see the baby again. I haven't had an ultrasound or ultrasounded myself in over two months. (Now that's self control, folks. Too bad I don't have any when it comes to chocolate.)

We got a great look at the face. I could even see some fuzz coming off the head. The head, by the way, measures 2-3 weeks AHEAD of the rest of the baby, which is measuring right in the 50th percentile. The head?? Measuring in the 95th percentile. Yikes! I wasn't too surprised, though. My head is enormous. One size fits all hats do not, in fact, fit me. And although Jeff's head isn't quite as big as mine, it's not exactly small, either - so genetically our babies are bound to have decent-sized noggins. The estimated weight right now is 2 lbs 14 ounces.

We took some pictures of the sweet little feet that keep kicking me, and got a great look at all four chambers of the baby's heart. It was a great visit. Sadly, Jeff wasn't there, so maybe in the next few weeks we'll get another one at the clinic so he can see the baby, too.


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