My dog is glad I'm a literalist.

Whenever Lucy hears the toaster click she comes trotting into the kitchen with great expectations. This is somewhat my fault. I always give her a piece of the crust when I make a piece of toast. And being the good Pavlovian dog that she is, she begins salivating at the click of the toaster. I feel like its the right thing to do.

After all, the word "companion" comes from two Latin words, 'com' meaning 'with,' and 'pan' meaning 'bread.' Therefore, a companion is one with whom you share your bread. Lucy is my faithful canine companion, therefore, I give her the crust of my bread.

I think Lucy appreciates the fact that I respect a good etymology.


CO mom said…
ok, Thurs you made me cry and today you made me laugh and I LOVE you for both qualities!!

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