We made it!

We landed in New Jersey today - the flight was short and smooth and on time. It doesn't get much better than that. AND we could even see the empire state building as we were coming down. It was really cool.

I learned just how much Jeff loves me because he could have had a seat on the exit row (but not me due to being pregnant) but he said he's rather sit by me than on the exit row. Now that's love.

Tonight we got to spend some time with Jeff's grandmother and some aunts and uncles and cousins. Tomorrow's the big day - going into the city in the morning, then coming back here for the big 90th birthday celebration tomorrow night.

Lots of pictures to come later!


Ken said…
Bring the pictures on! Look forward to seeing what you ended up doing in NYC.
Aunt Penny said…
Great pic Aubrey. I'm glad you & Jeff were able to come. I hope it's not five years before we get to see you again.

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