It's a new year...

As a resident, my new year starts every July, so I have tended to do a lot more reflection then. It's sort of nice, actually, to have several times each year to think about what has gone on in your life, and what you have to look forward to.

Now, at the beginning of 2010, I'm definitely looking forward to what this year has to offer. This past July I thought a lot about how glad I was that my second year of residency was over. Second year was tough - not because of anything at work, but because of numerous sadnesses and frustrations of things we were dealing with at home. We had our first pregnancy, our first miscarriage, numerous troubles with licensure, the continuing struggles of infertility, and our first (and hopefully last?) experience with infertility treatments.

Then we found out we were pregnant on July 15. Pregnancy after miscarriage makes it sort of difficult to be happy at first. But our tentative excitement has grown with each kick and hiccup I feel this baby make. There have still been sadnesses these last six months - like losing my grandmother just a few weeks ago - but honestly, overall the last six months have been wonderful.

2010 should be a great year, with lots of things to be both excited and nervous about. I'm excited and scared about hopefully meeting this little person in a few more months. I'm excited (I think) about turning 30 in the fall, about finally finishing my training and being done with residency, getting a real job, and continuing our ministry at our little church.

Even though the first part of this year was tough and the second part felt easier, I'm also trying to remind myself now that the same God was sovereign over it all. He carried us through the difficult times and filled our lives with blessings no matter what we were going through. Mostly I want to remember that no matter what else will change in the coming year, HE is the same.


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