Jeff and Alton

My wonderful brother-and-sister-in-law got me a great new cookbook for Christmas. (yes, this is Jeff writing, and yes I do like cookbooks. Laugh it up...) Its by Alton Brown, and is another expression of our Food Network junkyism.

I've cooked two things out of it so far, and both of them have been exceptional. I'm thinking about cooking everything in the whole book. Maybe giving Julie and Julia a run for their money. Well... probably not. But I did entertain the thought, especially given that the first thing I cooked was the first recipe in the book.

It was a recipe for steak. Its pretty simple, not a lot of ingredients, but a special technique. You sear the steak on a cast-iron skillet on each side, to form a delicious little crust, then finish it in the oven to acquire the desired doneness. It was really great, much better than any steak I've cooked. Perfectly pink in the middle with a nice seared flavor on the outside. The only setback was the prodigious amount of smoke produced by the searing, which I did inside. The kitchen filled with smoke, so we had to open several doors and windows. And it was 29 degrees outside. But the steak was worth it.

Tonight I used another recipe from the cookbook. Sure, it was just for baked potatoes, but still, the potatoes came out perfect.

What will I cook next?


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