32 weeks

I'm 32 weeks today.

That's a lot of weeks. This whole pregnancy I've found myself mentally counting down to different milestones.... 12 weeks - made it out of the first trimester. 20 weeks....halfway there. 24 weeks.... our baby would have a chance at survival. Today I had the thought that if our baby was born soon, not only would he or she have a chance at survival, but would most likely do really well. It was a comforting thought. (But if my baby is listening, stay where you are!! We'd like you to cook a little longer. That was not an invitation.)

All that said, I thought I should finally put up a belly shot. For whatever reason, I just haven't been big into taking belly shots.

But here it is.... in all its glory.


Austin and Elise said…
Love the belly and the baby inside!
reddchurch said…
awwww! love it! you look great (even if the camera is covering your pretty face)!

ps did you hear mandy got engaged?!
The Balls said…
you look SUPER for being 32 weeks!!!
CO mom said…
Oh Aubrey - we are soooo excited. Your baby hope chest got another addition yesterday. :)
Banana said…
Yay! Finally some pictures! You make pregnancy look good, Aubrey. You're so cute. And hooray for cool cameras that can take pics into the mirror. Much better than bugging the hubs to take "a picture" of you for everyone... then asking him to do it over (again and again) b/c you didn't like that pose, etc., etc. What? Just saying what could happen w/ a regular old camera. Love, Hannah
RT said…
Yay for the baby belly! And for 32 weeks--woot!

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