December 21

I delivered a baby today. Not just any baby - but the baby of a dear friend, resident classmate, and my own doctor. Whenever people choose me to do their OB care, I always feel honored, but when a fellow doctor lets me be a part of that experience, I am even more honored. It's also a little more nerve-wracking because when it's a good friend I just worry more about what could go wrong. The delivery today was wonderful - smooth, uncomplicated, and the baby even had the decency to come during the day. And now I can go on Christmas vacation and not worry about when she's going to go into labor. The little girl was just beautiful. And after I finished my doctorly duties, I could get my camera and just be a friend.

The proud grandparents... we used to go to church with them. Grandma cried. It was precious.

It was a really great day.


Corrin said…
What a wonderful story. I wished I lived near you so that you could be my doctor. Have I told you that before? Maybe I have. I have thought it many times when reading your blog.
kristen said…
How neat to be part of this sweet girl's birth story! I am a big fan of family practice doctors who provide OB care. I know it's getting less and less common.
Aubrey said…
It is very sad to me that family docs are doing it less. But I LOVE it, and hope to continue doing it for a long time.
CO mom said…
This gramma (mana) is going to cry too. I'm crying now!

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