...well, sort of.

On the way back home yesterday I had these great plans to go to the gym and then run a few errands to make a few exchanges. By the time I got home, I was feeling tired and thought, "well, I'll just lay down for a few minutes first...."

Ha! Two and a half hours later, I woke up, quite refreshed. I did run some errands, but the gym was closed by then.

Then I decided to take the dog on a walk. When I was almost back to the house, I somehow mis-stepped and twisted my ankle. I wish I could say I was doing something cool, but nope... I was just walking. Even though I wasn't far from the house, I called Jeff to get me because it hurt so bad. Today, after enjoying a nice lunch with my wonderful family that came down to visit our church, I've been laid up on the couch, my ankle elevated and iced. I think it's just a sprain, but I'll probably get another actual doctor to look at it tomorrow and see if it needs to be x-rayed.

We had a wonderful vacation, but it is definitely nice to be back home.


Elsa said…
When I was pregnant I twisted my ankle at least 3 times. One time I was just sitting crisscross on the floor and my ankle gave out. I am very happy not to be prego anymore. :-) I hope your ankle heals fast and your back up and running full speed. :-)

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