New York, New York

Next week we are going to New Jersey to celebrate Jeff's Grandmother's 90th birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing some of Jeff's family again - most of them we haven't seen since the wedding.

It looks like we are going to have half a day to spend in New York City. The only other time I've been to New York was once when I had a long layover in Newark and spent maybe 2 hours there. The only thing I saw then was the World Trade Center.

So I'm taking a poll....what should we do? Obviously we can't do it all, but I'd love to have some opinions about what is good to do in NYC if you only have a few hours. Maybe central park? Times square? Jeff thinks it might be fun to do lunch at Bobby Flay's restaurant - which sounds fun to me. Is there a museum worth some time?

Anyone out there with strong opinions? I want to know!


ASB said…
Go to Greenwich Village. Go to Magnolia Bakery. Get a cupcake. Eat the banana pudding. Its a must.
Sarah said…
I'm a huge fan of Central Park, but that's because I love parks.
Ken said…
A half day isn't much, but it's enough time to just absorb the city. I always just enjoyed taking long walks and getting a feel for all the different neighborhoods... Hmmm, I'll have to think about this question some more!
Ken said…
Okay, I thought about it some more... Start out at Penn Station (which sits below Madison Square Garden and is usually where you come in if you are coming from NJ.) Walk up 5th Avenue to Central Park. While on 5th Ave you'll see a lot of very old churches (including St Patrick's Cathedral), famous buildings/businesses (Trump Towers, Saks Fifth), and then you can enjoy a little bit of Central Park.

On the way up, or back down, you can also see Times Square.

That's the best way to spend a half day, based on my experiences of showing people the sights when I lived there!
Catherine said…
Am I too late? Because the best thing to do in New York is EAT! Tell me what you like, and I'll tell you where to go...
Aubrey said…
You are definitely not too late!! I was hoping you'd chime in. I'd like a good, cool, somewhat eclectic sort of place. Jeff's parent's aren't really in to ethnic food. Maybe a cool brick over type pizza place? Honestly, almost any recommendation would be good. I think we're going to stay near times square/central park/union station areas. What were some of your favorites?
Catherine said…
Okay - staying with American food:

Bobby Flay's Bar Americain - 152 west 53nd (@ 7th Ave) - I've never been, but Jay went last month and liked it. It's pricey.

Eatery - 798 9th ave (@ 53rd st) - This has been my favorite lunch spot for years. It's trendy, might be crowed and is loud, but i love their chopped salad (which is only on the lunch menu and changes daily). It's best if you can go at an off-time - like lunch at 2 or 3 - to avoid the rush.

HK - 529 9th ave (@ 39th street) - very trendy, great brunchy-type spot

Burger Joint -119 West 56th Street (btw 6th & 7th) This is a fun one... hidden behind a curtain in the lobby of Le Parker Meridian is an amazing dive burger shack. (There's no sign, so you'll just have to hunt for it.) They serve burgers, fries and milkshakes in a tiny room. (It's 2 blocks from Central Park, so you can always get the food to go if you're up for al fresco dining.)

Magnolia Bakery - 1250 6th Ave (@ 49th St) - This is a satellite shop of the famous one in the Village. There's very limited seating, but you might as well get a cupcake and wonder a block to see the skaters in Rockefeller Center.

If all else fails, walk up 9th avenue anywhere btw 34th & 57th - that area of Hells Kitchen is packed with good places to eat.
Catherine said…
Yes, there's more. I realizes that I forgot the two NYC staples: pizza and bagels. For pizza in midtown, try Johns - 260 West 44th (btw 7th & 8th). I prefer their Village location, but this one is huge, and the pie is still brick oven & great. As for bagels, go to Ess-A-Bagel - 831 3rd Ave (btw 50th & 51st). They have a huge, wonderful selection, and if you have a bagel sandwich you won't need to eat again for the rest of the day!

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