Christmas present round up...

I cut back on the amount of Christmas sewing I did this year. Mostly because I got a late start. But I did manage to pull together a few things.

My first project was a super hero cape for Jack. I really love how it turned out. Jeff now wants one, too. It's reversible.

My other big project was an advent calender for Melanie. I also am making one like this for myself - but couldn't finish mine because I ran out of time. I spent some time looking at calenders on flickr, and then got started. I used the number templates from Sew, Mama, Sew. I really love this - I love all the fabrics and the linen together. I'm excited about getting mine finished. Thankfully I have some time before I'll need it.


Banana said…
Yep, the cape is super awesome. Great job!
Melanie said…
That cape is super awesome ... as are the Advent calendar AND the gifts for our boys not pictured.

Don't be fooled, folks. Aubrey still made handmade felt veggies, fruit, pizza, and sandwich fixins for Sam and a back-up taggie blanket for Caleb.
CO mom said…
What is a back-up taggie blanket?

great idea to get some thots for our time in NYC. Pray for the weather.
Aubrey said…
A taggie blanket is a small blanket, made with fuzzy fabric on one side, a satiny fabric on the other, and then ribbon tags all the way around. Little ones like the tags. And Caleb loves the one I made for him a while ago - it's what he sleeps with.

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