December 19

Today was a long day.

It started out by me working a few hours in the local pediatrician's office. Then I came home and started cleaning and getting the house ready for company tomorrow. Our entire church (it sounds like a lot but in reality it's only about 15) is coming for a little Christmas party tomorrow. I started the two types of soup and made an appetizer, and also some granola to give to the nurses at our office. Somewhere in there I did some laundry, wrapped some presents, and did a little bit of sewing since I'm still not done with Christmas gifts.

People often ask me how I feel during this pregnancy. It's really been a fairly easy one so far - I still feel really good, have plenty of energy most of the time, and can just enjoy this time. But today I could really tell I was pregnant. After standing most of the day my feet were killing me. My back ached. I felt exhausted. I made myself stop sewing and took a nice, long, hot bath. It was great, and just what I needed at the end of this long day.

Then I ate an M&M cookie, and felt even better.

Now it's off to bed. Good night!


The Scooper said…
Sounds like just what the doctor ordered! Good for you.

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