I arrived safely home last night after two good flights and a short drive.

I discovered that half my residency program got food poisoning this week and 10 residents and 4 attendings had to call in sick. Yet another reason to bring my own lunch. And apparently, leaving the country may be the best way to avoid food-borne illness.

The trip was great - it's always a blessing to meet other believers and spend time with them, and at the same time try to use my gifts in a way to hopefully spread his kingdom. There will be more posts later. I'm going through the photos, and will hopefully have some posted soon. But for now, I'm tired.

Until then.... here's what most of Honduran countryside looks like. And even the photo doesn't do it justice.


colorado dad said…
Aubrey - so glad to have you home and we are very proud of you. Mom is now home and I am in CA.

Love ya - Colorado dad
Totallyscrappy said…
What an absolutely gorgeous photo. I can't wait to see and read more.

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