Honduras, Part 4.

I didn't even know I had this much to say about the trip. But apparently I do. As far as medicine goes, one thing I do that I feel is probably the most beneficial is to do joint injections for those with arthritis. The great thing about joint injections is that they can benefit someone sometimes as long as 6 months. So someone who could barely walk or work because they were in such pain can suddenly move nearly pain free. I was able to do probably at least 100 injections, mostly shoulders and knees, but also in fingers, wrists, elbows, ankles, thumbs and just about anywhere two joints come together. I was also able to inject a few carpal tunnels. It was great practice for me, since I don't get to do nearly this many in my own clinic. But now I feel much more practiced with some of the joints I don't do as often.

To round up the photos, here are some other photos of the people - who are just beautiful.
We saw lots of horses. And kids riding horses.
He might have been the cutest old man I saw last week.

There are lots of good big sisters in Honduras.
This guy cracked me up. Like some kind of secret service agent, he was all business.


The Balls said…
i love the cowboy, that is such a great picture!!

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