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One of my pet peeves is restaurants that advertise "homemade" items on their menu. Such as "homemade biscuits" or "homemade apple pie." I object! If something is made in a restaurant then it is by definition NOT homemade. It is restaurant made. Unless the cooks are baking at home and then bringing their wares in to the restaurant to sell, which, for the record, I highly doubt. Or perhaps the cook actually lives in the restaurant, so it is his home, but again, I don't think so.

I noticed a variation on this fallacy tonight at the grocery store. Aubrey and I were perusing the cake mix aisle, and one of the boxes advertised with the slogan, "Scratch baking made easy." Again, I must object, if you are using cake mix from a box, you are by definition not baking from scratch. Scratch baking has not been made easier, it has been replaced. Which is fine, its not that I object to baking from mixes, but lets not kid ourselves.

Well, I must go. We bought homemade pillsbury "break-n-bake" cookies, which Aubrey just baked from scratch, and they are ready.


Melanie said…
I was just thinking of you guys and baking not-from-scratch cookie dough tonight ... except I was thinking of the batch that we burned because someone was too enthralled in High School Musical to check his timer. Maybe I'll see if the library has HSM 2 for next week!
The Balls said…
have you ever seen that cooking show "semi-homemade with sarah lee?" she drives me crazy. why bother?

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