Honduras. Part 1.

What will most likely stick out to me most about this trip were the roads. I do not think I've ever been anywhere with roads quite like these. But I guess I've also never been to central America during rainy season. It did rain on us every day, and so basically every place we traveled required the use of 4X4 trucks. But because we were able to get to these remote places, lots of people were seen who rarely, if ever, make it to a doctor.

Mud was also a recurring theme this past week. Thank goodness for my marmot precip jacket and my sierra designs pants that kept me clean and dry. And I'm also thankful to God, to whom I prayed more than I ever have while driving. Fishtailing on narrow, mountain roads is really not the best sensation. But he (with the help of our drivers) brought us safely to and from our destinations each day.

We forded several small rivers over the course of the week. This was the largest.

And occasionally we came across cows in the way. Like this one. But I discovered that it is hard to photograph a moving cow when you are also moving.

And my favorite little tidbit - having to have some real "horse" power by using these two horses to pull all three of our trucks up the hill.

For more on the trip, check back tomorrow.


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