Halloween in review.

Well, with Aubrey still in Honduras I had to man the candy bowl myself this year. I didn't want the doorbell ringing all night, so once the trick-or-treators started, I grabbed a lawn chair, a book, the candy and a dog, and sat out on the front porch. Lucy is pretty afraid of strangers anyway, so she definitely wasn't a fan of strangers in costumes coming up to her and petting her. Thankfully she's more patient with children than adults.

What's the deal with parents driving slowly down the street while the kids walk from house to house? A little walking is not going to kill you.

Our neighborhood is suprisingly lame for halloween. There were not that many kids, and from my perch on the porch it didn't look like there were very many houses participating. I didn't even get rid of all our candy (not that I mind!). You'd think we would be a prime neighborhood. We're practically the definition of suburbia, our neighborhood makes a short loop, easily walked, the houses are close together, and we have a good number of kids in the neighborhood. I don't know what the deal is.

I always think its funny when the kids just walk up to me and don't say anything. I usually say, "Hi, what do you say?" and they say "Thank you." Good enough, they got candy anyways. One kid replied "Happy Halloween."

One little kid very politely asked if he could choose any piece of candy he wanted. I tried to deflect his attention and gave him Milk Duds. I was trying to get rid of them first because they are my least favorite.


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