The Christmas crafting has begun....

I came home from call yesterday determined to get at least one present done and scratched off my Christmas list. Mission accomplished, in spite of the frustration that is using bias tape to cover curved edges. Oh well. Next time we'll just leave the edge square and try to make mitered corners. A good tutorial for how to sew it on is found here. I did finally, though, figure out how to make bias tape using a rectangle of fabric and cutting it in one long piece, mostly with the help of this little diagram. And a ruler. I really do have yards of the stuff leftover, so expect to see some cute green, purple, and teal polka-dotted bias tape on projects in the future.

I actually got two little projects one, though the second one is not actually for Christmas, but for a birthday that might be upcoming.

Now I just need to actually decide what else I need to make so I can finish some more things. Christmas feels awfully close all of a sudden.

ps - Photos will come, eventually, but likely not for a while as I'm not one to ruin a good surprise.


Katie said…
I love Amy's tutorials at angrychicken. Do you have her book? It's awesome.

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