Honduras, Part 2.

As I've said, each day we drove out from the village we stayed in to different smaller villages to set up clinic. The first 4 days we set up clinics in churches, and the last day we used a school. Here is what the outside of a typical clinic looked like for us.
And here is the inside of a different building, but fairly typical of the churches we saw. (Although this one was one of the larger churches we used.)

And from my seat inside, here is what I could see out the window, very different from my usual view in clinic.
If you couldn't already tell from seeing these buildings, the poverty was often almost overwhelming. This is what two different "towns" looked liked where we worked.

They waited very patiently in long lines, often in the rain, to see us.

I certainly wish we could have done more for these people. The small amount of vitamins and medicines we gave will probably not make a lasting change. But every person who came through heard the gospel, and hopefully by us being there, and taking time to care for them, they were able to see maybe a small glimpse of the father's love for them, which is something that can make an eternal difference.


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