A Sesquipedalian, appropriately enough, is a person who likes big words. While I have sesquipedalic tendencies (new band name?) I don't use big words as much as some people I know. Lately I've found myself learning lots of new words, which I will share for your edification.

Excorcitation - apparently a blend of "exhortation" and "excercise." Which fits, because this particular excorcitation was a real mental workout to get through.

Hebdomadal - occuring once every seven days. "I go to a church which meets hebdomadally."

Limn - to portray using words. "I am attempting to limn my thoughts in this post."

Agglomeration - a jumbled cluster. "I am limning an agglomeration of words."

Trope - a rhetorical device of using words in a non-literal sense.

Aporias - expression of doubt. "My aporias over correct word usage is troubling."

Somnolent - sleepy. "Is this post making you somnolent?"

Obdurate - stubborn. "I am obdurately somnolent."

Florilegium - a collection of literary pieces.

Almost all of these new words were from one book I was assigned to read for class, which was clearly above my reading level.


Austin said…
mine also.

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