Jeff is happy and sad.

I am happy that tomorrow is thanksgiving.
I am sad that Aubrey has to work.
I am happy that Aubrey has a good job that she likes.
I am sad that Aubrey is on call for Thanksgiving AND Christmas Eve. Lame!
I am happy for the impending Christmas season!
I am sad for disagreements about how to celebrate Christmas.
I am happy for Christmas carols that celebrate Jesus!
I am sad that my nephews and niece live so far away.
I am happy that we get to go meet baby Caleb on Friday.
I am sad about this whole Presbytery debacle.
I am happy when studying the Bible.
I am amazed at its complexity.
I am distraught by theological factions formed on partial understandings.
I am hopeful because Jesus is the Lord of his church.
I am sad about the stuff in the post below.
I am happy that my wife is brave, wise, spiritual, godly, well-spoken and honest enough to write it.
I am praying for a little olive shoot to go around my table.
I am happy about our new (used) car.
I am happy about cheap gas.
I am happy about our Y membership.
I am sad that I don't know the future several years in advance as a planning tool.
I might also be happy about that.
I am definitely happy that God knows the future. And plans it.
I am happy that Lucy is getting better at using her bed, not mine.
I am happy that I figured out what was driving Lucy crazy last night. (apparently she can't relax when the washing machine is running.)
I am thankful for the gift of righteousness.
I am going to post this list now, even though I'll probably think of good additions later on.


Aubrey said…
I am happy that Jeff wrote this great post.
I am wowed by his writing skills.
I am dreading a long call tomorrow.
I can't wait until friday morning to leave for Iowa!!
Clare said…
I went to comment on this entry saying how cute it was, and then I noticed her comment about leaving for Iowa! It just so happens to be where I live, and VERY VERY cold right now. I hope you guys had a good time!

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