Tooting My Own Horn

Look at what I won!

I was quite excited, and not just a little caught off guard to win an award in Hebrew! And it came with a cash prize!! After all these years, doing my homework finally paid off! Although now I feel like I ought to start studying Hebrew even more so I can live up to my award.

In other school news. Its over! Hooray. Not totally, just for the semester, but still I am rejoicing. In my current program 2 classes is considered full time. And with good reason, each class assigns a bazillion pages of reading (give or take). I went for the gusto and took three classes this semester, then at the end of March started preaching regularly at a local church. So the last month and a half of the semester was quite full, and I'm glad to have a break.


Ken Shomo said…

Very proud to have been part of this journey, very sad to be left in the (ancient Palestinian) dust. Congratulations! Let's do some flash cards together.

Totallyscrappy said…
I remember helping my husband study Greek and Hebrew when he was in Sem. Phew... you earned that award!!

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