South Carolina Geography

I'm not sure there is another state where someone could move from the community of "Opossum Kingdom" to one called "Rabbit Stew." But here in good, old SC it has been done. Any other good town names y'all know of?


Annie Groover said…
Here are some good ones:

North, SC

Pumpkintown, SC (good to sub in the song "Funkytown")

and as a Hoosier, here are some from there:

Buddah, IN (unincorporated outside of Bedford. Probably not any Buddhists there, but I digress)

Needmore, IN -- which is only funny because of the school there called "Needmore School" I'm not kidding.

and then all of the towns/schools with French spelling, which we Hoosiers like to mispronounce (why add the extra letters if you aren't going to say them?):

La Fontaine (la fountain)
Versailles (ver-SAILS)
Terre Haute (terra hote)
Notre Dame (Noter Dame)
Ed said…
Due West and Six-Mile are two of my favorites.

Along Annie's line: there's a town in Virginia called Buena Vista-- yes, pronounced "Byoo-nah Vista".
MamaBear said…
A couple of my favorites here in Arkansas are Rooster's Poot and Toad Suck.

Only in the south ...
abram.rampey said…
"Ninety-Six" is a winner. what kind of a town name is that?
Jill Timms said…
I personally enjoy Big Lick, NC.
Anonymous said…
We've got some winning names up here in PA - Intercourse, Bareville and Blue Ball come to mind immediately - all in very conservative Amish country!

Thanks for your visit to my blog. A little extra running encouragement definitely helps. :)

3girlsmom said…
Oh, girl. I live in Alabama. There are plenty of good names.
Slapout, AL (because it's "slap out in the middle of nowhere" - yes, I'm serious)
Palmer, AL and Remlap, AL - which were founded by brothers. Remlap is Palmer backwards.
Pineapple, AL
Florala, AL (on the Florida-Alabama border. Original, huh?)
Waterloo, AL (like Napoleon)
The list can go on and on.

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