Can't... move... arms... too much.... practical.... theology...

So last night one of my elders called me up to ask if I wanted to pick up hay with him today. I figured that was probably farm-speak for some fun easy task that he wanted to give me the pleasure of accompanying him on.

Nope. He meant picking up hay.

We spent the morning out in his back field picking up about 200 square bales (they're called square, but they're really rectangular. I didn't correct him on this.) of rye and fescue. We had to get it into the barn because its supposed to rain this afternoon. It was hard work, and now my legs itch. I'm glad I did it though. Perry was very grateful, and he bought me lunch, and it reminded me why I like office work.


Keeeeeeeith said…
Wish I could have been there.

We could have annoyed Perry something fierce with all of the hay joke possibilities! :-)

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