Pesto works for me

It's been a while since I've had a good idea to share with the wider blog world. Mostly because I've come home every day over this last week and a half completely exhausted from taking care of my patients, trying to send some of them home, and admitting new ones. But today, oh glorious Wednesday, is my day off!! So now I can sit outside on our back porch (thanks to the magic of wireless) and enjoy the beautiful sun and my coffee and remember that I actually do have a good idea or two.

Jeff and I always keep a jar or two of ready-made pesto in the pantry. Many a night's dinner have been saved because of this little jar. Obviously, pesto is great to use to make pasta. Boil some water, open the jar, and presto.... yummy, very quick dinner. But it also has many other uses:

1. Salad dressing. Some spinach, nuts, cheese and tomatoes, and a little pesto mixed in...and presto... a yummy, interesting salad - my mother-in-law found this recipe when she was at my house recently, so thanks, Mom!

2. Pizza sauce: Ready made pizza crust, leftover chicken and whatever else you like on pizza... put it on top of pesto.... and presto... delicious pizza. (Okay, enough with the pesto/presto thing.)

3. Appetizer: My favorite appetizer is made with pesto. All you need is a baguette, tomatoes, cheese, and, of course, pesto.

4. Miscellaneous uses: Pesto is also great as a spread on sandwiches, or put into a cheese quesadilla, or even used as a marinade for baking chicken.

So basically, it's just a nice thing to have around for when you are in a pinch for what to eat for dinner. Since I am almost always in a pinch about what to eat for dinner, that definitely works for me.


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