Pistachio Dust

Jeff and I certainly tried to make the most of my weekend off. We drove up to Greenville in the early afternoon to go and sit at Falls Park and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and try to finish reading Prince Caspian before seeing the movie.

We saw approximately 15 brides there getting pictures taken, along with a funny dog who frantically swam back and forth in the river chasing a duck who would either fly away from him and then land out of his reach, or swim underwater and pop up a little ways away.

After taking some time to walk through the park, we walked up to a little place called The Lazy Goat, a very hip, cool tapas restaurant where you can get dishes garnished with things like "pistachio dust" and "gently muddled limes." Our dinner was, of course, delicious, and consisted of several small dishes that we shared. Here is what one of our dishes looked like:
After dinner it was on to watch some baseball. Baseball has had a special place in my heart ever since Jeff and I first started officially dating at a Cardinals game. (When he FINALLY decided to hold my hand in the bottom of the seventh inning.)

It was, though, one of the best times we've had in a while - being able to get away from work and our little town and enjoy each other's company. (Notice the very relaxed lady in this picture - one who just this morning finished her last internal medicine call of her intern year!)

Hopefully we'll have some more fun dates this summer. Which should be easier since I just got the schedule for July and I'm on call all of THREE times, including only 1 friday. Three cheers for many more weekends off next year!

Any other good date ideas in Greenville?


Ken Shomo said…
I'd never heard that story about the bottom of the 7th. That inning must be very touching for the two of you. (I didn't intend that pun, but I'll allow it to stand.)

Jeff must've been sweating it out for those first 7 innings (along with the cubs, most likely).

PS: May I take a moment to say that I am frequently the victim of word verification irony. What are you supposed to do when you honestly are not a spammer but you also can't make out the letters?? How many comments are abandoned because of this crazy tool? And now I'm looking at my second chance, and it's either vvtiibp or wtllbp or, heck, maybe even wt1Lbp. Well, here it goes....
Lindsay said…
If you like Indian food, try Handi. We ate there a couple of months ago, and it was really good. They even have goat!

And if you are not working in October, definitely give Fall for Greenville a try. You get to sample lots of food (if you buy the tickets) and they have a chili cook-off that you can pay $5 to judge!
Anonymous said…
Well... Greenville native here...
Shakespeare in Falls Park all summer
Coffee Underground on coffee street
the Overlook Grill overlooking Falls Park is good as well
Friday Night jazz in front of the Hyatt is good through September
The July 4th festival downtown is good as well
You did go to a Greenville Drive game, right?
Paris Mountain State Park is a nice place to hike, just a few miles from downtown
Charlie's Steak House, in operations since 1921 is a great place for steaks
Trio, Soby's, Restaurant O, Spill the Beans, Lemongrass, etc are great places to eat downtown as well
Jason Greer
Melanie said…
So glad you loved the Lazy Goat - I'll tell Abby! We went to Smoke on the Water after graduation last week and loved it ... bbq, not expensive, great building & decor. Greenville is way cooler that I remember it being. Too bad it's not a convenient place to go on a date from Iowa.

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