Craft update.

Here are my latest projects, a few presents for Jack's birthday.

This bunting was inspired by several I had seen on various crafty blogs, most notably this one, where there is a tutorial. I like the idea of a decoration that can be used for celebrations for a long time. Now I want one for our house.

Here is a crayon pouch, another item that has been floating around blog-dom for a while. The tutorial can be found here, with a very nice pdf file pattern. I modified it a little so that I could applique the car onto the back. If anyone else has any good patterns or tutorials they use for boy presents, please let me know because I am quickly running out of good ideas. Boys are just a little harder to sew for.

I just started my very last block of medicine for my intern year. Only 14 more calls until intern year is officially over!!


MJUnderwood said…
You have inspired me to get a sewing machine out! The festival banner is cute....

I'm glad I'm not an official "blog stalker" anymore on this blog. :)
Cheryl said…
Adorable crayon pouch, love it! You are so creative Aubrey!

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