Try, Tri again.

Sunday I competed in my second triathlon. Even though I really didn't do all that well compared to others who were there (I placed 85 out of 103), I was still pretty excited about how I did for me. I still got passed a ton on the bike, but most of the other competitors were men, so I didn't feel too bad about that, and I still managed to finish that leg in about 45 minutes. My run was still about 27 minutes, which I consider success since running 9 minute miles after swimming AND biking seems pretty good.

Mostly I'm just excited that I did this during my intern year, even though I was busy, and that I finished quickly enough to be able to ride with Jeff to church.

Sometimes we have to aim for small goals.


Jeff said…
Competing in a triathlon on a Sunday morning, still making it to church in time for Sunday School and Worship, all during intern year filled with 80 hour work weeks.

If only my goals were so small...
The Balls said…
if your goals are small, than man, i don't know what you'd call mine!!! my goal today was to fold and put away some laundry...and i didn't even reach it! you make me smile!
Ken Shomo said…
Congrats! I probably would've placed a very distant 104th, so I'm impressed.

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