Live from IWU

I briefly considered live blogging graduation, but I figured that since graduations are boring for those of us who are there in person, no one would probably want to read it. Plus I'm not exactly sure what people do when they "live blog" something. But I am currently using my laptop and sitting in the chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University, trying to kill a little time prior to commencement, well, commences.

The closest I got to Obama was seeing lots of people wearing badges that say "press" and watching out my window as a dark-suited secret service gentleman stood outside a suburban and guarded what I assume is the Obama-mobile. I was hoping we'd be able to stay at our hotel long enough this morning at least to catch a glimpse of him getting on his bus. My dad had this great idea of trying to stick a McCain sticker on the bumper of his bus, but we decided that perhaps someone in one of the three police cars guarding the bus might not think it funny if they happened to notice someone sneaking up to the bus.

I guess that was probably the only chance I'll have to meet a presidential candidate. They don't typically spend much time in SC, given that our state is pretty much guaranteed to go Republican, so no one really wants to waste their money campaigning here. Maybe during the next presidential election cycle.....


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