Anyone who has ever known me for any length of time knows that I tend to be a little, um, absent-minded. I leave things places. I regularly lose my keys, my ID badge, my shoes, and my wallet. (Or perhaps mislay them is a slightly better descriptor.) Today I went in to work by 8 am because I thought I had clinic today. But I don't. I have clinic on Thursday.

Occasionally my forgetfulness is somewhat of a blessing. Instead of staying at home and wasting away the morning until noon conference, I'm at my desk, getting caught up on paperwork and answering all the messages I have from being gone a week. Since I also forgot that I need to take my neonatal resuscitation test at lunch time today, now I have all morning to finish reading the book I was supposed to have read already.

Forgetting one thing has helped me fix the problem of forgetting another thing. It's nice how occasionally it works that way, since usually being absent minded and mildly disorganized just makes me late, shoeless, and locked out.


Jeff said…
Wow. As the husband I usually have a front row seat for most of the "mislaying" episodes, and I can definitely say that this one takes the cake!

This post brightened my morning. (laughing WITH you...)

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